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Certificate of Intent to Dissolve

I certify that La Ronge Aviation Services Ltd. 517449 intends to dissolve under The Business Corporations Act as set out in its Statement of Intent to Dissolve.

Filed on October 1, 2019.

"Saskatchewan Director of Corporations"

TAKE NOTICE that a special meeting of the shareholders of La Ronge Aviation Services Ltd.

Open House July 13 $10.00
Cabin Leader Training ages 14+ July 1-5 $60.00
Small Fry 1 - ages 7-9 yrs July 7 - 11 cost $250.00
Junior 1 Ages 10-13 yrs July 14-19 cost $295.00
Junior Teen ages 13-15 July 21-26 cost $295.00

The Quest at Christopher Lake is a Bible Summer camp and we happy to announce our 2019 Summer camp Dates
Our summer camps are not just for kids - we have camps for all ages - from the young ones to our senior citizens.

We invite you to come out to the March Melt show at the Prince Albert Exhibition Centre, March 20-31.